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Join Orchid at ETHDenver 2022!

Join Orchid at ETHDenver 2022!

2022年 2月 10日

The Orchid team will be at ETHDenver, will you?

Don't miss talks from Orchid CEO Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven) and Head of Technology Jay Freeman. Jay will also be a mentor and a hackathon judge.

On Friday, February 18, there will be two presentations from the Orchid team.


At 9:40 AM on the Infinity Stage in the Sports Castle, Jay Freeman will give the backstory of how he came to discover one of the more devastating bugs so far seen in a "layer 2" solution: the ability to replicate an unbounded amount of money on Optimism.

Attendees can expect to leave this talk knowing a bit more about corner cases in the EVM, how Geth maintains its account state trie, and the history of Optimism's OVM. A devastatingly simple exploit that could mint exponential OETH for linear gas will be examined in detail as part of a tutorial using a simple technique to locally test exploits without a devnet.

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You can read more about the bug and its discovery in Jay's article, "Attacking an Ethereum L2 with Unbridled Optimism."

Note this talk is currently listed on the ETHDenver schedule as "Attack on L2: Unbounded Money."


At 12:20 PM on the Laser Stage in the Sports Castle, Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven) will explain how the punks are trying to save us from a world where government-issued digital currency restricts what we can buy or how much of it we can purchase. That's the future we will get unless we do something about it now - and the punks are rising to the challenge.

The team can't wait to see you all there!

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