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Orchid’s Derek Silva answers questions from the CoinDCX community

Orchid’s Derek Silva answers questions from the CoinDCX community

2021年 8月 10日

In July, Orchid's Derek Silva answered a series of questions in an ask-me-anything (AMA) session in the official Telegram channel of CoinDCX, one of India's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Derek responded to inquiries from the group's roughly 33,000 members about how Orchid works, the Privacy Guardians program, and much more. We've collected the AMA's most important takeaways and highlights below. 

How Orchid works

The session opened with an overview of how Orchid's decentralized VPN protects personal information from hackers, internet service providers, and other onlookers. 

Orchid's unique decentralized VPN marketplace "offers semi-private payments thanks to its nanopayments scaling solution and allows for Orchid accounts, OpenVPN, and Wireguard configurations," Derek explained.

Importantly, Orchid is "an incentivized network, which helps keep good actors coming to the service and keeps bad actors from getting into the default partner list. We've partnered up with well-known, traditional VPN providers [that] accept OXT and XDAI payments through the protocol." 

Orchid's unique benefits

Derek touched on the unique benefits the service offers: "[Orchid does not collect] personal information, ... credit card or debit card data, ... [or] in-app analytics." It also gives users "the ability to set up multi-hop circuits to guarantee middle nodes can't see their traffic's source or destination."

The Privacy Guardians program

The conversation then pivoted to focus specifically on Orchid's community.

"We recently launched the Privacy Guardians program," Derek said. "It's an ambassador program designed to help make more people aware of Orchid, encourage localization, [create] new groups in local languages, and even run virtual and in-person meetups." 

Privacy Guardian applications are currently open to interested users. "We've had some great people register so far, and we're happy to add more," said Derek.

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Making Orchid accessible to new languages and cultures

Privacy Guardians and other volunteers also play a vital role in making Orchid accessible to more people throughout the world. "Orchid's app is available in a variety of languages, and we rely on the community to help verify the translations we get," Derek said. The Privacy Guardians program allows users to be rewarded for their assistance. 

"Each culture has different ways of translating [similar materials] and values different things. We're [making a serious effort] to learn about those differences and take them into account when we market Orchid, develop new features, and so on." 

Privacy Guardians can also participate in Orchid's technical development. "If you're a software developer, it would be great to have more people look over the GitHub repository. We're particularly in need of people who can help accelerate the networking stack re-write for Windows. If you've got the chops for that, you can see more at GitHub."

OXT's role in the network

Several participants also asked about OXT, Orchid's native digital asset. "[OXT] is staked by bandwidth providers in order to advertise their services, and also used to create accounts on the Ethereum blockchain using our web dApp," Derek said. 

Importantly, whether you use OXT or another digital asset (or an ordinary credit card) has no effect on the quality of Orchid's VPN service. "Every Orchid account is treated equally," Derek said. "As long as you have enough to pay for the service, you can get a connection. It doesn't matter if you have 1000 OXT or 50 OXT, you get the same speeds as everyone else."

Derek's full AMA with the CoinDCX Telegram community can be found here.

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2021年 3月 22日
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