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Pre-release Orchid App now available

Pre-release Orchid App now available

2019年 10月 2日

We’ve decided to distribute an early version of the Orchid app ahead of our network launch. This pre-release version analyzes network traffic on your phone and does not include VPN service yet (your IP address will not change).

Visit to get the apps now.

One of the unique things about Orchid is its integration of cutting edge networking technology with cryptocurrency to create an incentivized network. This pre-release version allows us to test and audit our networking code on both iOS and Android prior to integrating the token and interfacing with the Orchid Network. Once we launch our network, we can update the Orchid App to provide complete VPN service.

Orchid App Preview

In its initial form, this app will only be focused on one thing: analyzing and reporting the hosts that the data on your device are connecting to. For now, our app includes the following features:

  • Local VPN service providing network flow analysis
  • Advanced filtering to drill down on the data you care about
  • IP address & port number for both source and destination

It’s important to us that this app is both open source and localized to your device, meaning no third parties see your data and nothing leaves your phone. We believe that an Open Source approach embraces the core tenets of decentralization and provides the greatest opportunity to create a network capable of delivering the stability, capacity, and security necessary to provide users with the online experience they desire.

We continue to make progress on the Orchid Network and are finalizing our Ethereum smart contracts ahead of internal audits. We’re excited to be able to release our app for iOS and Android now and get software into your hands.

Our mission remains creating a suite of tools that provide privacy and access to return control and agency back into the hands of internet users. As new features become available, we’ll keep you updated.

Download Orchid now and snag a front row seat as we ramp up to our network launch.

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Download the app and join Orchid’s privacy network today!

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2021年 3月 25日
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